Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dribble bib tutorial

Ok bear with me as this is my very first attempt at a tutorial and although I follow them a lot I am bit sure how this will turn out.  I thought I'd start small with something simple but very useful so here we go.   Give it a try and please let me know if I've missed something or if you have any problems following me.

Dribble bibs - size newborn plus

Friday, 28 March 2014

Crafty busy bee

So I am stuck in hospital again getting my tip if blood pressure monitored again so I've decided to rewrite my crafty post that I lost.  

Yes, I actually already wrote this post the other day.... but then Blogger went weird and deleted it....NOT IMPRESSED!   

Anyhow, I had a tantrum, had a cry and now I'm back again I have decided to do it again so here goes.

I'm writing this and adding photos on my phone so forgive me if the formatting looks odd!

So, have been doing a lot of sewing lately, mainly to preoccupy myself and to cheer myself up.  
I have really needed projects to take my mind off having such a cruddy pregnancy and feeling unwell all of the time, but even though I've done a fair bit I haven't really stopped to pat myself on the back or show off what I've been doing other than the odd photo and caption on Instagram, so I decided to do this and post some of what I've been up to.

Ok so firstly let me be clear, I am not claiming to be a great sewer....seamstress even.  But I can follow instructions and I like making stuff.  I like choosing fabric and deciding what pattern and projects to try.   I often tend to spend ages choosing what to attempt and then stall starting anything in case I do it wrong.
During the time I have spent sewing I have learnt quite a bit about myself in this sense.  I love trying things and imgaining the results but I hate messing it up.  It doesn't help that I'm really impatient and will tend to cut corners to get the job done faster.  That isn't a good thing by the way, but I just want results fast and if I can get away with 4 pins instead of 16...I will use 4 pins!  Maybe 5.  
I've also learnt that not using enough pins really can mess up your work.

People sometimes ask me where I learned to make clothes and how long it took, but really I just taught myself by following tutorials and instructions from the internet (all hail Pinterest).  
If it's something you are interested in I would encourage you to do the same and give it a go.  Buy cheaper fabric to start with so you don't feel too aggrieved about mistakes and then just get stuck in.  Try not to follow my bad habits though!  Do as I say, not as do!  

Work carefully, iron lots and lots, measure things...don't guess and you'll be fine.

I never thought I would be ever be able to make anything at all really, let alone clothes for my children but honestly if I can, you can.

I'll do my best to add links for the patterns or tutorials I have used as I go along so you can see where I got help.

I'll start with these skirts because they are the super easy to make and I actually love making them.  They don't take long and always look good so they are great for making me feel like I'm a champion seamstress too.  They are perfect for quick summer outfits and because of the wealth of great choices of fabric it's easy to make really unique pretty pieces.

This one is made from one of my favourite prints.  I love red and I love nautical, so it's perfect.  I also made it with a block coloured waistband.  

Now that wasn't my intention but because I tend to be a bit slap dash at times (remember we discussed this earlier?), I wasn't paying attention and I cut my fabric the wrong way so had to add a bit on top for length. harm done... looks great right?!

This one below is so cute.   
I added a broderie anglaise (fancy lace) trim to give it a more summery & girlie look.

Adding a trim gives the skirt a different dimension and some neat (yes I said neat) top stitching makes it look really smart and dare a say a little bit professional?  Ok maybe that's a bit far, but it looks good.

Another thing I love about these skirts is how easy they are to adjust for size.  I always use one formula to make these and just adapt as I go.  If I only have fat elastic, I cut the fabric a bit longer.  If I only have skinny elastic I fold the waistband a tad more. 

This skirt was made last year using the same formula as above and looks just as good an fits perfectly.

 I never bother to measure DD's waist with a tape measure either.  I just wrap the elastic around her waist (without pulling on it or stretching it) and then cut it.  When I feed it through the waistband I make sure I overlap about and inch and sew.  

Literally couldn't be simpler.

This style of dress is probably one of my favourites because it is SO simple and fast to make and you can make them at any length you prefer giving you a selection of dresses, tops and then this length here that's sort of smock length to wear with leggings.

I love the print of this fabric and have made countless items using the various colours.  It's just really pretty and flattering.

Here you can see that I a little baby version for my baby cousin.  
It looks so cute in tartan!

 This was the first and last time I sew with tartan though.  That stuff frays so much and working on a dress in size 0-3 months using super fraying fabric  was enough to make me want to reach for the wine!  And I can't because I'm pregnant!

This next dress here is a reversible A-line dress that I absolutely loved on Ru but as you can probably tell it's too small.
I was really gutted about that actually.  I loved the length on her but she had literally no body space so we have it to a good friend as a gift and it fits her 2 year old very well.  

If you try this pattern I would say to go for the size bigger when you choose the pattern.  .
Now even though I say that, I made the size up here and went for age 4 and although was very happy with the chest and shoulder size I thought the dress was just too long.

What do you think?

I reckon I still might lob some off the bottom and re hem it shorter so that it looks more playful rather than so serious.  I love the look of it and the fabric inside is super cute too.  My daughter needs climbing room though!

 I did attempt to adjust the pattern myself but I wasn't too impressed with the result below. 
It looks ok and the chest again fits fine but the skirt part is mahoosive!  
I might still chop it off bad just make it a skirt instead I reckon.  
It's a pity because it look quite good just laying there flat.

Next time I use the pattern I'll measure out the age 4 chest but length from age 3 and THEN I'm sure it will be just the way I like it.  

I haven't tried I yet though because I had a tantrum and stormed off to try shorts!

These were the first shorts that I made that actually looked like proper shorts with an actual crotch and everything. The first time I tried shorts I literally chucked 2 massive rectangles together, cut a slit to make legs and just sewed around them. That was obviously a very crude attempt but you know....I'm a bit lazy like that!  

My hash job sort of worked...ish but they just looked messy and like a child had made them so I wanted to try something that I could be a bit happier with.

 This pattern I am using now I just sort of made up by reading through a whole bunch of tutorials and just taking all the bits from each one that looked easiest to do.

These are very simple and made from 4 panels sewn together, hemmed and then adding elastic.

For sizing I just drew around a pair of Ru's shorts and then added a bit extra all the way round.  These fit her but they are a pretty snug fit around the butt when she's climbing and generally acting feral.

For my next attempt below I decided to add a big more length at the top and also an inch or so extra width on the back panels for extra bum room for bending and climbing and they came out perfectly!

I love this tartan on her so much but as I said earlier I won't be sewng with tartan again.  For too many tantrums for my liking although these are reeeeally cute!

After the tartan pair I got a confident and managed to knock these cotton shorts out in literally 30 minutes.  

Perfect fit!  Easy peasy and I will definitely make more for summer too.

T-shirt printing

Ok before I start acting like this was difficult, I will admit that I'm a dab hand at
this sort of t-shirt printing.  
I used to make them sell t-shirts and baby items personalised with babies names and captions especially from movies etc.

I no longer own a big press but still love personalising and make lots a really cute vests and t-shirts etc 

I love doing it, it's really fast and the transfers I use wash up well over and over again and you NEVER get that pulled apart look.  My transfers actually stretch AND look good!

I did this t-shirt because I didn't have something nautical to match the skirt I had made her.  

I quickly made these baby vests too while I was at it using favourite movies and adapting quotes.

It should be pretty easy for you to guess
what movies these are from!

Bibs and sensory toys

Ok now I love making these.  They are really easy, always needed and you can use up all your scraps of fabric too!

In the past I have tended to make larger toddler dribble bibs and also larger different shaped dinner bibs too but seeing as I'm actually having  a baby I decided to make some newborn sized bibs and some cute little sensory toys to match too.

These are the bigger styles I have made before

I love these prints so much, they are really distinctive and stand out rather than looking like a generic shop bought item.

Anyway back to these super cute newborn dribble bibs!

How adorable is this fabric?   
I Ended up giving these ones away as gifts so I'll have to make myself some more if I have a girl!

This pirate fabric is really cute and I'll definitely use these for a boy or a girl.

Here I made this little matching crinkly owl with taggy ribbons too.

I love this superhero print so much and this rabbit is a really cute rattle.  I think next time I might make the ears crinkly too to give it an extra dimension.

This sneaker print is one my favourite fabrics and I love the colours on the mini taggy.   It's really bright so no baby will be able to resist playing
with it I reckon.

 The fleece is really soft and there is crinkle inside so baby should be entertained.  I also bought a bunch of these toy links so that I can attach
these little makes to a car seat, buggy, cot, baby bouncer or just about anywhere.

As you can see I'm no genius but these bits and bibs ain't bad right?

I have been asked a lot about the bibs so I think that will be my first attempt at a tutorial.

Now I was going to finish there but I managed what to me is a minor miracle.   I made a pram liner for my baby's new vehicle!  With proper holes for straps and everything!  

I drew up a pattern and went for it and I still can't believe that I've managed it.  I'm really proud of myself for giving it and go and actually making it work and can't wait for out baby to get some use out of it.

I even made a cheeky blanket with the left over fabric!

Totally chuffed!

If you have any great tutorials and links for easy patterns or projects please add them to the comments.   
I'd love you to share your links also if you've made anything cool recently that I could try too :-) 
(Leave a little message with your link)

Monday, 24 March 2014

Ball of confusion

I have woken up with a feeling of complete and utter dread, fear and anxiety.

My chest feels constricted and tough and I can hardly speak for the speed of the palpitations in my chest.

I have spent most of Thursday-Sunday in hospital including an overnight stay on Saturday night trying to stabilise my blood pressure that had spiked suddenly on Thursday to the top end of moderate gestational hypertension and refused to decline.  (Here is what happened on Thursday & Friday)

I feel low and sad and like I just don't know what will happen.  I have absolutely no control or foresight and I am fighting a battle between feeling that I'm desperate for body to keep strong and keep my baby inside at least until 37/38 weeks and then on the other hand feeling as though my body isn't a safe place for my baby at all.  I don't feel safe.  I feel broken, as though at any moment something I can't stop will happen and my baby will be affected.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday