Monday, 2 September 2013

Mrs Maker

As some of you may know, I like sewing and making things but as you may also know, I may both impatient and my attention span can be pretty short if a project isn’t working.  I also find that my motivation suffers when I am not feeling 100% and my mood is low.  It’s a bit silly really because when I make things I feel good but if I do not feel good then I don’t really fancy making things!

Over the last few months I had been letting my low mood get int the way of my creative side but as my DD’s birthday approached I knew that I wanted to make some gifts for her to go along with her shop bought presents.  I love making gifts and knowing that what I am giving to someone is something that is unique and that they know I have spent my time and love on.

For DD’s birthday I decided to make her a patchwork bedspread, a tote shopping bag with felt food and skirt. 

I actually made her a bed spread the year before but I really wanted one that she would be able to use forever and that she wouldn’t grow out of.   I found some beautiful chevron fabric through a friend that was trying to cut down her massive stash of fabric and decided to work the bedspread around the colours in it.  I wanted bright and happy and I love the finished result even if I did end up making a massive double bed sized blanket instead of a single.  At least she will definitely get extended use out of it!

The tote bag is a favourite of mine.  I love making them and DD loves playing with them.  She often takes hers with her when we go out and fills it with toys or snacks!

I think these bags are so cute and easy to make that I will be attempting a tutorial on here very soon so that you readers can give it a go.  

Now this skirt was a must!   I saw this fabric and fell in love.

 I have a thing for any fabric with little people on it that are different races.  It is hard to believe that finding a fairy or princess print that actually depicted little girls that were mixed race or black or Asian was unheard of.  Any time a see anything that shows children from different backgrounds I feel compelled to buy it!  This fabric is by Robert Kaufman and the range has several different colours and styles including boys styles too. 

I got my fabric from the lovely Laura from Miss Tilly’s emporium.  She is a mummy to her own little fairy princess and not only is she a fantastic maker of dolls, soft toys and tutu dresses but she is achieving her dreams and has opened an online fabric store!   She is filling a gap I the market for those of us that make toys for children and selling fabrics and trims that have been *tested to EN71-3 standards and therefore perfect for people wanting to sell children's soft toys in the UK and are undergoing the CE marking process. 

Please bear in mind that in order to use the fabrics and trims for sale as a CE marked to you must posses the relevant certificates which can be obtained by joining the Facebook CE group and going from there or of course by sending them for testing yourself.

I made this simple but cute skirt with it and DD absolutely loved it.  The thing with this skirt is that not only is it easy peasy to make but it is just perfect for little girls because it’s comfortable and completely non restrictive.i

I have spent so long drooling over the amazing fabric choices that I have been unable to decided what to make next.  These little gems are definitely going to be in included in my next order:
 If you are looking to make anything soon, please show your support for Laura and visit Miss Tilly’s fabric emporium.  She has endeavoured to make sure she stocks high quality fabric at an affordable price. I have seen the work she has our in and I find her and inspiration!  I was one of the people that took part in the surveys she did in order to be able to offer the most useful range of products and I just know she'll go from strength to strength, especially with the support of other Mrs Makers!


  1. Gosh those are great! I wish I could make things. I want that bag! I can't even sew a button back on sadly.

    1. Thank you hun! I am trying hard to build up my confidence enough to start trying to sell the bits I make again. just a little here and there hopefully :-)


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